About Tom Adelsbach

In case you haven't guessed it already, my name is Tom Adelsbach - and I'm a graphic artist/website designer/Flash animator: and just like the sign says, "a jack of ALL artistic trades"! Now - you may have also noticed; this website isn't the typical "graphic artist's portfolio".

Not. Even. Close. Bud.

And that's exactly what I'm trying to convey: the fact that I've never been typical, average or run-of-the-mill - and my work has reflected that in SPADES! The first and foremost objective of anything I create - is to capture the attention of the viewer. (Hence the image of me to your left - as pinhead. If that doesn't capture your attention, then nothing will.)

Now, I've been doing graphic design for about 15 years, and for the last 4 years - I've been the Creative Director of Hoosier Daddy BBQ Sauce. (click here to see my HD BBQ Sauce portfolio.)

As the Creative Director, it was my sole responsibility to create all the national advertising campaigns - print, web, radio and TV - from the very first day of the companies existence - where it was basically a "Ma and Pa" operation,that was run out of the owner's house and garage - to the point where it became a national brand carried in over 3000 stores.

I created T-shirts, mugs, glasses, koozies, frizbees, web ads, print ads, videos and LED Jumbotron animations. I've done it ALL, Baby!

Click here to see my Hoosier Daddy BBQ Sauce portfolio.

please feel free to contact me here.

I'm extremely proficient in the following programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
  • Adobe After Effects CS6
  • Adobe Flash CS6
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6
  • Adobe Premier Pro CS6
  • Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 16

I'm also an expert at HTML and CSS coding, as well as Action Script programming and Flash animating. (You can see some of my original Flash animations here.)

So if you're seeking a freelance graphics artist, website designer or video animator, I encourage you to contact me here.


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